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Welcome to Birth Botanicals 

Specialised Floristry Services
based in Auckland, NZ 
Thoughtfully Crafted Bouquets 
made for celebrating pregnancy, birth and beyond  

Birth Botanicals was created out of a love of nature, an appreciation of what the human body is capable of and a desire to bring forth a way to encourage celebration and support for women moving through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time

these bouquets are created to be gifted by friends, family members and partners

All bouquets are custom made. You can order a Birth Botanicals Herbal Tea Blend through the online shop to gift alongside your bouquet, too. 



Hello, my name is Aimee

Birth botanicals, for me, is way to provide a tailored service which celebrates and supports life in a multilayered way 

Having a bouquet made for you by Birth Botanicals is a way for you to express your support and celebration at this time for someone close to you

Gifting a bouquet is a gentle way you can celebrate not only the birth of a new baby and life, but also acknowledge and bless the multi-faceted journey and transition experienced by the mother - whatever the experience may be, gifting a custom-made bouquet is a way you can show your support and care

I also provide bespoke floristry for occasions such as baby showers and mothers' blessing way ceremonies

If you have another request please get in touch, if I can meet your request I will 
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